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Visit to Shedfield Lodge

Sunday 25th June 2017

 Twelve Waterlooville Motorcycle Club members rode over to Shedfield Lodge to visit the Alzheimer`s patients there.

This was a repeat of the visit we paid them last year, which was warmly received.

We all met in the car park in Denmead and had an easy run over to Shedfield for our 2.30 arrival time. It was lovely to see so many of the residents already settled outside, waiting to meet us with tea, biscuits and cake. We arrived to a nice round of applause and all of us were quickly in the queue for nice cuppa.

Some of the residents had had motorcycles when they were younger and residents and helpers alike were quickly around all the bikes asking lots of questions and regaling us with stories of their youth on their machines.

So, on a nice warm summer`s afternoon, after lots of chatting, tea drinking and biscuit/cake eating, we all lined up for some group photos to record a lovely outing.

As the refreshments were all paid for by the Shedfield staff, we had a quick whip-around and John Jenkins was pleased to be able to make a donation of £55.00 to Linda, the lady organising the visit. Linda was very grateful and told us that, from the donation we made last year, she was able to buy a couple of games and gardening tools for the residents, which were very much appreciated.

So after a delightful couple of hours we thanked the residents and helpers for their hospitality and said our goodyes until next year.

Continue to read on and have a look through some photos taken during the day