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A Review on the 2017 WMCC show

By David Thorne

Motorcycling ‘Through The Ages’ June 17/18

The exhibition was envisaged to display motorcycles through the history of the Waterlooville Motorcycle Club from its foundation in the year 1928 to the present day. Many members brought bikes from their collections along as well as bikes from other clubs who had a presence.

Matters kicked off on the Saturday when a team of members descended on Barton Hall to prepare for the exhibition; the weather was good and we worked hard to transport bikes and move them into the hall. The layout had been pre-planned so it was a case of marking off the visiting club areas, building the platform, and pushing all the bikes into place. All went well apart from a near drop of Barry's Ducati as we pushed it up a ramp onto the platform! -Everyone grabbed it and all was well.

Bikes were arranged in order of year around the central platform with club bikes around the periphery, a few bikes were placed on the platform, which gave the presentation a more interesting 3D feel.

Sunday brought good weather but with the doors all open the exibition was not too hot. A set of military bikes was to be found on show outside the hall along with Blood-Bikes and the Air Ambulance, and scramblers in the reception area along with the bar and an exhibition of paintings by Talana Gamah.

It was quite a display - the oldest bike I noted was a Clyno from 1911 with a wicker sidecar - but there were amazing examples from most years - many British marques were to be seen and a few with sidecars.

Sammy Miller, of racing and museum fame, opened the show and brought a couple of his bikes along, and later presented some awards for best bikes. It is fair to say every bike was cracking and well-presented so it was hard to choose some winners.

Continue to read on and have a look through some photos taken during the day