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The Current Motor Bike Test Process


There are three mandatory elements to taking your motor bike test.

1) A compulsory basic training (CBT test) course that covers basic safety.

2) Take the module 1 DSA motorbike rider's test.  Try this sample test


3) Take the module 2 DSA motorbike rider's test.

Age and Motor cycle power output constraints

If you are over 21 years of age you should take a direct access course where on successfully completing the modules allows you to ride any bike.

If you are under 21 where on successfully completing training and exams you have restrictions on the power output of any motor bike you ride for two years.  After which you can take a test to enable you to ride any bike.


CBT Test

Once you have passed the CBT test you can ride a motor bike up to 125cc which is not over 11kW (14.7 bhp) with L plates.  You are not allowed to carry passengers or go on motorways. The starting age for this test is 17years.

Module one is the off-road module. It generally takes around 20 minutes to complete.

What happens during module one

Module one includes the following manoeuvres:

 wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand

 doing a slalom and figure of eight

 a slow ride

 U-turn

 cornering and controlled stop

 cornering and the emergency stop

 cornering and hazard avoidance

There is a minimum speed requirement of around 32 miles per hour (50 kilometres per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises. There is no minimum speed requirement for the first cornering and controlled stop exercise.

Motorcycle manoeuvring area

Module one takes place in a safe off-road area called a motorcycle manoeuvring area

Watch a video about the motorcycle test


Mod 1 test provides a A1 Light Licence – This test is taken on a Motorcycle between 75cc and 120cc. Once passed this licence allows full entitlement for any motorcycle up to 125cc.  Minimum age of 17 (Light Motor Cycle) Up to 125cc Restricted to Maximum of 14.6 BHP

Mod 2 test provides a A2 Licence (Restricted between the ages of 17 and under the age of 21) - Once passed you have a full Motorcycle licence, but the holder is restricted to a 25kw (33BHP) motorcycle for the first two years (NOTE: This bhp restriction applies to under 21’s only).

A Licence (Full) - Riders aged 21 years and over do not have the above two year (33BHP) restriction if you  pass the test on a Motorcycle with at least a 35kw (46.6 BHP) motor bike. This is known as DIRECT ACCESS

If you are under 21 when you take this test for Group A licence, then the BHP restriction stays in place for 2 years from your pass date or until you turn 21.  At your 21st birthday you can opt to take the Direct Access.  You go with Provisional Group A1 and complete with a Full unrestricted Group A licence.